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Our Trainers Favorite Ways To Exercise and Feel Their Best This Summer

We know you’re looking for every chance you can get to get out of the office, or house, or gym this summer, so we asked our trainers for their favorite ways to move their bodies outside, and for their top tips for feeling their best this summer.

“My favorite summer workout is running the stairs at Edwin Warner park and kayaking the Harpeth. I love going to the farmer’s market and doing a fresh fruit and veggie haul to make my own cold-pressed juices. They’re amazing for staying hydrated and keeping glycogen levels up pre-workout. My gratitude journal is another one of my favorite parts of my daily routine!” – Arianna K, STR, @arianna.kitz

“I love hiking and camping at nearby spots (Rock Island is super fun!), rollerblading with my girls, riding my bike, and long boarding! As far as feeling my best, definitely being in the sun and at the pool or by water, just being in nature make a huge difference in my mood! Bringing my water bottle with me everywhere I go is a must for feeling my best too!” – Sav H, STR + KBX @savfitnash

“I love a peaceful morning walk or run before it’s hot AF out, and experimenting with making my own infused water to stay hydrated. Cucumber mint is IT.” – Tanja J, STR, @tanja.jurek

We’d love to see what you’re doing to move and take care of your body this summer. Tag us in your stories on Instagram so we can hype you up!