Inspiring individuals to lean into their own inherent coolness and exercise the power of their own positive influence.


“Hotbox has the best instructors! The whole staff is friendly & supportive.”

redefine Realness.

Inspiring individuals to lean into their own inherent coolness and exercise the power of their own positive influence.

“Hotbox has the best instructors! The whole staff is friendly & supportive.”

Push boundaries not buttons.

What Rules Do we live by?


We believe in selfless service, patience, and treating others the way we wanted to be treated.


We promote expression of self and confidence, effortless and unapologetically.


We’re not like other gyms, and we’re cool with
that. We’re for anyone, not everyone.


We believe we are all connected and strive to
approach life and fitness collectively and collaboratively.


Honesty and transparency are key. Stay true.
Stay golden.

keep it real. stay golden. ch. 02 — the culture

Whether you’re perfecting the squat or burning out strikes, expect to gain mastery in the fundamentals of kickboxing and strength training. When we do something, we believe in doing it right – and safely.

Learn the fundamentals of movement.

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Why We Do What We Do

“I could never commit to a gym and would always get bored with the workouts before Hotbox! I absolutely love this gym. The workouts are fun and challenging and all the instructors are awesome and so supportive!”

- Cara

“I LOVE this place. The entire staff from front desk to trainers are extremely helpful and welcoming. The classes are challenging and fast paced and offer a great blend of technique, strength and cardio.I would highly recommend these classes for someone who wants to sweat it out while homing their kickboxing skills.”

- Christen

“This place is the bomb!!! Everyone there is really nice, and really helpful! There are no fitness robots on staff, just real people like you & me!!!!”

- Gene

“Fun Intense workout routines, great music, nice location, and enough space for people wanting to give it a shot! The instructor as well as other staff provided wonderful service in person and over the phone! The trainers were very helpful the entire time; I felt comfortable in the atmosphere. Kickboxing was awesome! I’d highly recommend this gym!! I’ve enjoyed it so much, I returned for more sessions!”

- Kevalla

“I have never felt more comfortable in my skin than when I am here. Good vibes, supportive wherever you are in your fitness journey. Hotbox is my meditation and therapy. 10/10 recommend. Maris, who manages the place, takes the time to know people, and truly get to know them. I am hooked. Zero drama. 100% bangerz.”

- Jennifer

“I lost emotional baggage and 20lbs by switching to HOTBOX Nashville after nursing school lol. I love that they offer kickboxing and strength classes all day. Perfect for my work schedule and perfect for stress relief.”

- Adriane

“Basically, it’s one of my favorite places on the planet. Love the family feel, positive attitudes, and the butt kicking! Lots of great people!”

- Sharon

“This place rules, if you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor a GO! I’ve been at since the first week of the year and I absolutely love it. I would go every day if I could, the vibe is always great, the people are cool, the classes are amazing, instructors are always very helpful, informative, and encouraging.”

- Joseph

“I have been a member as of today for one month and let me tell you…. it is the BEST workout I have ever done!! I LOVE the energy and the trainers are all TERRIFIC!!! I was kind of hesitant to see if I would be able to do this work out because I have lower back issues but it has actually helped strengthen my core and helped with my back pain!!! Which makes me VERY excited about the training and want more!!! I miss this place when I’m not there…IT’S SO FUN!!!

- Brea

“Awesome place for a phenomenal workout!!! I always leave feeling better and rejuvenated! And the instructors are top notch!”

- Jill


We believe that we’re all connected, and we strive to approach life and fitness collaboratively. At HOTBOX, we’re a family and in this family, everyone keeps it real and contributes to the collective.

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we genuinely give a sh*t about you