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Seven Tips for Getting Back Into A Fitness Routine

We’re firm believers in having a good time, especially in the summer. Sleeping in, spending the days at the lake, evenings out with friends, and ignoring your responsibilities for awhile.

We’re also very familiar with that “oh shit” feeling that hits when summer ends, and it’s time to get back into a routine, and back to the gym. But we love a challenge, and as daunting as getting back to it can feel, you’re not alone in it, and we’re here to empower you to do it the right way.

Our Head of Strength trainer, Jessie, put together a list of her best tips for getting back into a fitness routine, even when you’re *really* dreading it:

  1. Change your routine one small habit at a time. Small, attainable goals help us build better relationships with ourselves, because it helps feel accomplished, and builds momentum. When we try to change our workout routine, eating habits, and lifestyle overnight, we undoubtedly end up feeling overcommitted, burnt out, and like we “failed”. Start with one thing, like committing to three classes per week, or 30 minutes of movement a day whether it’s walking, taking a class, or doing some yoga. 
  2. Build consistency by scheduling your classes and/or workout schedule in advance. This way, the time is locked in, and you have something to help hold you accountable, even if it’s just the pre-payment you don’t want to lose.
  3. Remember that less is more. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s ever gone from not working out at all, to doing it seven days a week overnight. Start by committing to 3-4 days the first month, then consider adding another day to your routine based on your goals and how your body feels.
  4. Manage your intensity. Don’t go “balls to walls” the first few weeks as overdoing it can lead to excess soreness, fatigue, burnout, or injury. Your body needs time to adjust to moving consistently again
  5. If you’ve taken a break from lifting, don’t immediately go back to the weights that you did before. Start a little bit lighter to build back strength, and focus on form to decrease risk for injury.
  6. Move through soreness. Soreness is normal in the beginning. Move through it by moving throughout the day by walking, stretching, or working out again.
  7. Give your body the fuel it needs. Make sure you’re fueling yourself enough before and after your workouts. Protein and electrolytes are super important for recovery and will help cut down the soreness and prevent physical burnout.
  8. Find an accountability partner. Whether it’s your gym buddy, your trainer, your partner, etc., having someone to help hold you to your goals can make a huge difference, especially in the beginning when you’re questioning holding yourself to them.

Most importantly, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. Life happens, and getting back into a routine isn’t easy for anyone. If you fall off one day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Get back in it the next day or as soon as you can so you can maintain consistency on the path towards your fitness goals.