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Better your Kickboxing Game with this Cue

Tutorial: Relaxxx

There are so many different styles and levels to kickboxing, but the key to getting the most out of everything you do is to keep things simple—and stay relaxed. It’s one of the most common and effective cues I give and have been given. 

Sometimes it’s tough to do given how hype the class environment is, but staying relaxed while kickboxing will actually help you achieve a much better workout. Your punches and kicks will flow better and steady breathing will give you SO much more gas in the tank to push out quality combos and exercises. Quality over quantity all damn day. 

A client who is struggling to relax is usually biting down, carrying a lot of tension in the jaw, and not letting out breaths while striking the bag. This limits circulation to your limbs, tiring you out super fast, and sometimes making you feel dizzy as shit. 

When you allow your limbs to relax, to hang a little more loose, you’ll find more of your body is able to engage in your punches, especially your legs, hips, and back. When you’re tense, you tend to be ALL upper body, which is why I’m constantly yelling, “Stay relaxed and use your legs!” and “Breathe out with every punch!” 

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Practice Makes Perfect

A great way to do practice staying relaxed in class is to slow your combos down, relax your shoulders, focus on your breath, let your legs and hips drive your punch, let out short, tight breath OR a loud noise when you strike the bag. 

Yes, we 1,000,000% encourage you to get weird and yell when you hit the bag, and it has nothing to do with showing off or trying to be intimidating. It will truly change your workout! 

Always remember: No one here is judging you or watching you. Let your freak flag fly! If a short, tight breath is what floats your boat, HELL YEAH. If grunting or letting out that loud ass “HAH” with your Thai kick is your shit, RESPECT. The most important thing is that you do you, be you, and don’t be afraid to let loose. 


All love.


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